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E-New India is a school ERP Software that facilitates paperless administration of school activities and has significant features to host all the school modules that help user e.g. to maintain student academic records. School Management Software helps interacting teachers with parents and vice versa. Hence, E New India brings the transparency in school operation for better management of school academic process.

E-New India is a state of the art communication link between the “School-Teachers-Students-Parents-School” where Parents will be the most benefiting entity as they will be informed about school and their child activities on the go through notifications.

The Main advantage of E New India is that it serves everyone involved within the academic process. It provides functionalities that enables administrators to smoothly run the institution in a most efficient way without spending too much and within the deadlines.

And last but not the least, is that all the entities Students, Teachers, Administrators and Parents are winner when it comes to the use of E-New India Application which probably the best benefit of all. At the end of all, we always focus on giving the quality education to the students with high desired academic goals.

Teacher MobileApp Features

About Teacher MobileApp

Many a times, teachers face this problem where it becomes almost impossible to keep track of students attendances and performances in the exams and hence, resulting in less productive results. This brings a lot of frustration among the parents and other top level entities in the school. Teachers always need to share students information such as Attendance, Leaves, Exam results with their parents which has become a very tedious task now a days due to growing number of extra curricular activities within the school

To address this issue, E New India Teachers application helps bridge this gap between the parents and teachers in a most efficient way. Teachers can input details about students such as Attendance, Timetable, Exam timetable, Results etc., where parents will be notified for each activity.

This ensures a communication link between the Teachers and Parents that keeps them in the loop.

Parent MobileApp Features

About Parent Mobile App

Parents can breathe a sigh of relief as they will have something which they have always dreamed of!

And why not? From enrolling their child to the school to access their grades along with attendance, Leaves and many more.

Isn’t that just amazing? Parents can access their child’s each school activity on the palm! They cannot get better than this.