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School ERP Software Features

Perfect School ERP Software Solution E-New India

School Management Software that enhances a bridge between the School-Teachers-Students-Parents.

School Management Software

E-New India All-in-One Online School Management Software that enables educational institutions to automate School activities such as Results, Timetables, Staff Management, Student Records Management, Library Management System which reduces the manual data entry efforts and saves a lot of time. Moreover, E New India through Mobile and Tablets Provides Notification System, GPS Tracking System too that simplifies the interactions between Teachers, Parents & School.

Online School Management is an all-in-one system which can efficiently be operated in schools and includes features like Attendance, Exam results, GPS Bus tracking, Student Progress report, Event management, Assignments, Fees management, online chatting, Enquiry for admission etc.

School Management Software manages all the department activities within the school such as managing student fees to salary records of teachers and also helps to automate all the data management procedures and lessens the possibility of error which saves a lot of time. School ERP offered by ENewIndia guarantees that all data should be put away electronically without any hassle.

ENewIndia School ERP software has one unique and important feature that keeps a track of transport details for school management which is GPS Bus tracking. School ERP at EnewIndia offers a comprehensive user-friendly platform to manage all aspect of school in just one frame. Try this online school management system demo.

online school management system


Highest security at User Level, Module Level, Form Level & Database Level.

school management software


ENewindia School Management Software app offers simple and attractive user interface, enriched with modern, intuitive and easy-to-use GUI components.

Online School Management system


Similar experience across all Android devices as it is mobile and tablet friendly.

School ERP Software


Single-click Interface that provides overview of all the departments and functions.

School Management Software


We, at ENewIndia, follow the eco-friendly, paperless concept which saves time & money.

online school erp software


E-New India is a school ERP software which is available with Mobile App For Bus, Parents & Teachers.

school management software demo

E-New India Provides

Mobile App With Your School Name

Parent & staff member can now enjoy the benefits of having a dedicated mobile app in your institution’s name that will communicate with the school ERP and stay connected with everyone.