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School Management Software - User Friendly Feature with Android And iOS ParentApp

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Are you worried that your are not getting time to track your child regularly? If yes,Here's the solution for it !

Parents presently can be without stress and loose with the possibility of the child's career. You don't need to invest time heading off to the child's school for getting their tracks identified with Attendance, Timetable, Exam timetable, Results ,fees and numerous more activities identified with your child. Our School Management Software trust its extremely hard to watch out for child's day by day school activities. Hence, We took an initiative to ensure your child's safety along with its high educational focus . Parents can now easily get the daily reports of the child just in a click .Our Parent Application In Android And IOS is very easy to use and easy to understand.

The school ERP software app provides the facility of managing Exam Results, Exam Timetable, Class Timetable ,Attendance,Notifications,Homework, Transportation ,syllabus ,Library and Fees management .Apart from this it includes the options like Change child, Chat, Emergency call , Apply for leaves .Our online school management software app can be downloaded through Google Play-store.

A parent when enrolls a child in the school ,the registration of parent and child will be done through our admin portal via principal. Parent will be provided with the login credentials. The parents mobile no. will be the login-id and the last 4 digits of the mobile no. will be the password. Once the parent downloads the application they will have to login through the Credentials.

How Schools can Assure Parents about Child’s Awareness during School Academic Year

Once the parent is logged-In,He or She will be diverted to the home-screen where he can track all the activities related to the child. If a parent has more than one child enrolled in the school ,he will just have to go to the options and click on the change child option and click on the child's name who's activity he or she wants to track. They can check the exam results test wise and subject wise,Thus report -cards need not to be maintained. Exam timetable can be viewed by the parents which is being added by the admin ,Thus now teachers don't have to make students to write down the timetable on the school-dairy or school don't need to spend money providing the hard-copies of timetable sheets to students. Also syllabus can be viewed class-wise and subject wise .The admin is responsible for adding the syllabus through the portal. School's now don't need to spend on the syllabus copies.

ENewIndia Parent App : The Best solution to Parents and the schools !

The home-work can be viewed through the notification facility of the school ERP app. Also the warnings for a specific child can be given to the parent through the notification facility. Now the parent is completely aware of the child's misbehavior in the school. Also parents are notified for any event related to the particular class through the notifications. Home-work ,remarks can also be notified with the help of this facility .Through App Attendance, Attendance of the child can be checked on the daily basis as well as monthly basis.

Transportation feature help parents to track the bus location .Parents will be notified about the bus arrival before 5 min of bus arrival. Once the child enters the bus notification will be sent to the parent that the child is present in the bus. The parent will be able to view the bus details , the bus driver details and escort's details. The activities related to the library can also be tracked. The information consists of the name of the book , issued date and status . Thus now there is no need to maintain a library card for the same. Fees management facility helps parent to pay the fees online .The receipt of the fees paid will be mailed to the parent. The parent can view the status of the fees per child separately. This helps to save lot of time.

EnewIndia School management software, Parent App thus helps to save lot of human efforts and time .It helps to have smooth management and acts like bridge between parents and school. Transparency is maintained at all the levels giving the child the good education and focus .