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School Management Software Web-Admin Portal

School ERP Software System

E-newIndia School Management Web Admin portal stands as father of the educational. When a parent enrolls the child in the speculative. Principal can ensue student, its form of enrollment where indispensable details of student, parent and with can adjust ahead occurring the details of academic history. Principal can press on, delete, update the private school opinion. Also he/she can add up any number of classes, divsions, subjects, exams that are upcoming and finished, religions and the last syllabus can be added and updated up with the help of the master feature of the admin portal. Admin can see the list of teacher, students, buses, books available with the school.

Admin can see the overall status of the students that are absent, present and that are on leave. In this way he keep the proper track of the students. Admin can add up teachers, he/she can update, delete the teacher information consisting of the personal information, qualifications and contact information.

Admin can assign the classteachers and subjects teacher to respective classes and subject. Admin can insert the classwise timetable and exam timetable. He/She can view the complete detail of students classwise. Also the track record for attendance, results and homework uptil date can be kept. The students result can be viewed classwise, exam wise and with the status of pass and fail and marks.

Admin can see the leaves status as well. He can approve or disapprove the leaves. He/she can add up the library details as well. Admin can keep the track of library management system as books available, books taken per students, the date of issue along with the name of the book. Also penality status can viewed.

Admin can add the driver details to the portal also assign buses and routes to the students. He can thus keep the track of the buses as well as. Admin can have a track of the fees status as well in terms of complete, pending. He can keep track of overall school expenses and total earnings to the school. Admin can update the notifications for parents for overall students as well as notifications related to the particular students. He can register various roles in the school for ex.subadmin, librarian etc.

Thus with the help of the ENewIndia school management principal-admin portal one can manage the complete school activities easily. Also this way reduces the expenses that are needed in traditional management. It helps smooth working of school-parent that means it builds up a transparent relationship between parent-teacher-admin with respect to the students.