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Student Record

ENew India Student Record Software helps to manage the bulk of student data in easier way. A dedicated students database will store all the desired information that can be fetched anytime. Student records will only be accessed by the Admin authority.


Faculty Record

Faculty records can be accessed by admin only. E New India helps manage Faculty records easily. Any changes in faculty will notify the subsequent users.


Fees Management

This is the most important school section where all the information related to Fees can be accessed. Being one of the core section of the school, maintaining it becomes very critical.

E New India provides a way to manage school fees elegantly and reduces complexity. School admin can set the fees amount or package for each class by category wise. Amount paid by the student and the remaining amount records will stored in the system to which Admin can access at any given time.

Parents will receive an email with a payment receipt with details of their payment.E New India provides this Fees management facility that takes a lot of hassle away for the School administrators by just inputting few details giving them Paperless Administration.



Notifications is one of the key office that ENewIndia gives. A correspondence connect is fragmented without a notification in the middle of the two substances. ENewIndia Application sends notification for each and every movement to the particular clients.

Notification system guarantees to keep everybody saw whether it is a Parent or Teacher or Admin. E New India is glad to serve this key usefulness that has a noteworthy significance and part to play in the scholarly procedure.



Parents can access the live movement of the Bus on the Map with locations. E New India Application provides of GPS Bus Tracking functionality where each student will be assigned a Bus at the time of Student registration.

Parents will be notified once the bus reaches one stop before their location so that they will be ready. Notification will also be sent when their child reaches to the school.

Parents will also be provided with driver information by which they can contact the driver in emergency events.


Progress Report

When it is time to write report, becomes always a stressful time of year for teachers. To a teacher, the task can become quite overwhelming. To maintain progress report of each and every student is not every teacher's cup of tea! It really needs patience.

When reading their child’s report, parents want to know what was learned, how well their child performed, whether there are any areas for improvement and what should be done for their child to meet the next achievement standard. So using enewindia school management system application, You can make your to-do-list in much easier manner.



If you have kids in school, you know how much homework can take everyday. With all the different subjects and assignments they have on their study table, it can be hard for them to keep track of everything. Students can keep tabs on every assignment, get reminders for when projects are due and notate when tests are occurring.

Parent can get to know about each and every homework and assignment details right on theire mobile phone via sms. As soon as teacher gives the assignment to students, accordingly they will update today's homework in ENewIndia school management software attendance application as well.


Event Management

It is fully customizable to the needs of schools and higher education institutions. E-New India online school management system offer end-to-end seamless integration of Event Management software with other systems including admission, finance, scheduling, transportation, sports.



There still are many schools who take attendance on paper or in a register and at the end of class the attendance reports are to be generated. Doing all this stuff makes teacher's day very hectic, to keep all the data maintained and organised software is needed. To overcome this out-dated process, We developed E-New India attendance app to speed up and make attendance process easy.

E-New India school attendance software will help you to manage child’s attendance for any selected day or month wise at anywhere.Student Attendance is really an issue that matters which is directly proportional to the Students Performance. Parents also, many a times remain unaware about their child’s attendance in the school due to bunking/mass bunking.


Library Management

Library management system is a software used to manage the academic books,Journals, Newspapers, Magazines of a library. And most importantly to eliminate the paper work. This helps to keep the records of whole transactions of the books available in the library. Records such as -how many books are issued to a particular student,returning books, pending status of books.Keep record of complete information of a book like; Book name, Author name, Publisher’s name, Date/ Year of publication, Cost of the book, Book purchasing date/ Bill no.

Library Management System supposed to maintain information about books and its user and keeps the records for student, teacher and books.